After a few months of official launch, the Menitems brand has made a strong impression and attracted the attention of Vietnamese youth because of its product quality and large-scale media campaigns.

With the goal of bringing the brand closer to young customers, Menitems has implemented a collaboration project with famous rappers in the Rap Viet 2023 program, including the hottest names such as: Double2T, 24K.Right, Captain, Huynh Cong Hieu, Ogenus,....

Menitems, through cooperation with rappers at the Rap Viet 2023 program, has received a lot of acceptance and love from "fans" with a "huge" amount of interaction and sharing of content on various platforms. social media platform.
With Menitems, this media project is not only to advertise products but also to encourage young people to not hesitate to express their personality and style through styling their hair and expressing themselves in a different way. confident.
Menitems believes that everyone has their own personality, a unique style and Menitems will be a trusted friend, accompanying you on the journey to confidently express your 'self'. In the near future, Menitems will launch many hair care products to serve your needs, let's look forward to it!